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Kelly King LMT/CRMT

Holistic, Relaxtion, & Pain Management Specialist

 Changing how you feel, one muscle at a time

Being a Practitioner of massage & bodywork, Empath Ordained Healer and a Reiki Master/Teacher for many years, I challenge myself to actively keep learning new modialities while honing my skills.  I currently offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual's needs. From sports injuries and rehab to active stretching along with holistic therapies. I can work with your body to get you feeling like you should again.

Desk jockeys, weekend warriors, stretched to near breaking Moms, let me show you what reclaiming your body and your sanity feels like. 

* Only All Natural and Organic Essential Oils, Lotions & Creams are Used 

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Holistic, Relaxation & Pain Management Specialist

Only All Natural and Organic Essential Oils and Lotions are Used


10 Prospect Street, Unit 2, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945, United States



Couples Massage, Onsite/Chair Massage Available per Request

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